Building Permit

At HLB, we base all our designs on a 3D model. It helps us to present a more accurate drawing and it gives us the flexibility to rotate and manipulate views easily. For a building permit, clear and accurate drawings communicate the project more effectively, and also increase your chances of getting the permit more quickly. Our approach saves you time and money. It also gives you more flexibility to order a variation and get results instantly.
And we do it at incredibly reasonable prices.


According to the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required to construct or demolish a building. Getting a building permit requires some complex procedures along with filling the application form and continuous tracking of the progress. Moreover, you will need the services of qualified, registered firm while submitting your application. We are pleased to offer you our assistance. We work with designers who are fully insured and registered with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing that outlined Ontario Building Code. We have years of experience behind us when it comes to building permits.
Contact us today and let us take care of your building permit application.